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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance   Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer & GIANT Pro power meter power measurement. ELEMNT BOLT was developed in collaboration with the best specialists in the field of bicycle aerodynamics. It offers ELEMNT's performance and simplicity in a racing design that has been proven to improve target time by several seconds.

Thanks to our partnership with leaders in performance design, we have developed a computer which helps you to achieve - not just record - the best results. MORE THAN ONE ELEGANT DEVICE. ELEMNT BOLT and front-mount bracket is a system with a large, smooth surface that the air flows past, reducing wind resistance and the power (watts) required to maintain speed. The sides have been chamfered to maximize the streamlined properties of ELEMNT BOLT, and thus correspond to long-established aerodynamic shapes. A minimum of air resistance.

The ELEMNT BOLT system was developed for maximum legibility and minimum air resistance. The computer was designed for the integrated bracket for front mounting and sits at an angle to optimize the view of the display. NUMERICAL FLOW DYNAMICS COMPARED TO COMPETITION. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) uses applied mathematics and physics to visualize the air flows around an object and their effects on that object. More than 50% less air resistance. The ELEMNT BOLT system saves drivers around 1.5 watts. In a 40 km time trial, a driver with an average speed of 33.8 km / h round 12.6 seconds faster. The free ELEMNT companion app uses the smartphone's intuitive user interface to adjust settings, configure training sessions and connect ELEMNT BOLT with your preferred bike apps and wireless sensors. ELEMNT BOLT offers programmable LED indicators that herald a new era in performance control and keep everything in view. Easy-to-use buttons allow you to enlarge or reduce data fields at the push of a button. ELEMNT bike computers are the only true wireless bike computers, which means that from now on the days are counted when you had to connect the laptop for a long time, synchronize your trip data, download maps or update the software. No goal too far - NAVIGATION. Whatever your goal, ELEMNT BOLT can get you there! Simply open the companion app at any point on the journey and start typing the address or name of the destination. The companion app then creates an optimized bike route and transfers it, including route guidance popups, to ELEMNT BOLT. Now ELEMNT BOLT can show you the way everywhere! Get detailed information on route guidance with the Wahoo function "Take me Anywhere" in the Wahoo companion app as well as for Allen Komoot routes and Ride With GPS routes that are on the ELEMNT BOLT. The ultimate Live segments experience.

ELEMNT BOLT works seamlessly with Strava Live segments, giving you an accurate progress status and a motivational boost with the final push notification to achieve your goals. With ELEMNT BOLT you can choose 1 to 10 levels, each with a progressive resistance curve - the faster you pedal, the harder it gets. In ERG mode, you can use ELEMNT BOLT to set the wattage of your target output. When the cadence drops, the KICKR increases the resistance to guarantee a constant output regardless of speed. Do you have a favorite route?

Are you training for a race? KICKR uses the GPS file from the ELEMNT BOLT to automatically change the resistance and simulate the degree of incline. Shifting and driving like on the road. ELEMNT BOLT is now fully integrated with Best Bike Split's performance and speed goals and offers the most accurate race day performance plans available.

In collaboration with the world-renowned aerodynamics cycling expert Dimitris Katsanis, Wahoo has developed the most optimal bike computer of its size. Designed as a system: the ELEMNT BOLT and integrated bracket for front mounting becomes a system that has been tested by numerical flow dynamics and integrates into the front of the wheel. LOCKING SCREW FOR INTEGRATED BRACKET. The ELEMNT BOLT system is supplied with a locking screw that drivers can use to attach the computer to the bracket. If used, the ELEMNT BOLT can remain attached to the bike during weight checks prior to UCI races. Both ANT + and Bluetooth 4.0 enable synchronization with your preferred devices and sensors. This truly wireless bike computer eliminates the need to connect your laptop to sync your ride data, download maps, or update the software. Everything can be uploaded via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT +. Integrated GPS with a simple, clear map view, preloaded with hundreds of miles of bike-friendly routes. There is a page for each element of your trip. Choose from the following: workout view with full view of performance data, ascent view for observing increases in real time, map view for staying on course, live tracking and more. No menus or pre-programming necessary. Two robust and safe options - an integrated bracket for front mounting and stem - so you can see your ride wherever you want. The 2.2 inch (56 mm) display diameter is larger than that of leading competitors, so all your data and routes are easy to read.

Contains a USB rechargeable battery with a battery life of up to 15 hours. SETUP OF THE COMPANION APP.

The free companion app enables you to create personal profiles, track performance and share trip data with ease. Programmable LED indicators provide a quick way to see if you're in line with performance data like speed, heart rate, and power. Easy-to-use buttons on the side of the device allow you to enlarge or reduce data fields in one step. Three tactile and easy-to-press buttons on the underside of the ELEMNT BOLT allow quick navigation to the desired views and to switch between screens. Maps of North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa are preinstalled on ELEMNT BOLT.

Maps for Russia and China can be downloaded via WiFi. Look for other Wahooligans to meet with, or allow your friends and family to follow you on long journeys from afar. SMS, E-PAINT AND CALL NOTIFICATION. Provides on-screen LED signals that notify you when important contacts want to reach you. Only available if you have your smartphone with you while driving.

AUTOMATIC AND WIRELESS DOWNLOADS AND UPLOADS. As soon as a connection to your compatible accounts has been established (Strava, Ride With GPS, Best Bike Split, Komoot), your saved routes are automatically and wirelessly loaded onto ELEMNT. Use the ELEMNT BOLT to control KICKR or KICKR SNAP in 3 different modes - level mode, ERG mode and route and trip history mode - to maximize your training. Under Routes and Training History, ELEMNT BOLT controls the KICKR to automatically change the resistance and adapt to the gradient profile of your route.

ELEMNT BOLT shows visually and numerically which front and rear gears are engaged and how much battery charge remains for changing gears. The ELEMNT BOLT works with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2, SRAM eTAP, FSA WE and Campagnolo EPS electronic gear shift systems. Di2 also adds an ELEMNT BOLT control with buttons on the top that allow you to switch sides on the ELEMNT BOLT with your thumbs, press the round button, reduce / enlarge data fields without ever taking your hands off the handlebars. Note: Di2 support requires the Shimano D-Fly wireless transmitter. The ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer shows saturated and total hemoglobin values for workouts or laps. ELEMNT BOLT works with BSXInsight and Moxy Muscle Oxygen sensors. NAVIGATION WITH ROUTE GUIDING WITH KOMOOT AND RIDE WITH GPS ROUTES. Get pop-up and LED indicators for changes of direction on routes generated with Komoot and Ride with GPS. INTEGRATION OF STRAVA LIVE SEGMENTS. Learn more about how ELEMNT and Strava work together. INTEGRATION OF RACETRACKS AND PLANS WITH BEST BIKE SPLIT. ELEMNT BOLT works seamlessly with Best Bike Split to focus on your race tracks and plans.

ELEMNT BOLT shows your target performance, speed and time to the next brand to ensure your best driving value so far! As soon as the race schedule is loaded in ELEMNT BOLT, you can control the stationary KICKR or SNAP bike trainer so that you can drive the race in advance. Enter a destination, address or point of interest in the ELEMNT BOLT companion app. An optimized bike route is calculated, navigation with visual route guidance is activated on request and the route is transmitted to ELEMNT BOLT via Bluetooth.

You can select this option on the ELEMNT BOLT or in the companion app to mark a crumb path on the map so that you can find your way back to the start. Device dimensions: 74.6 mm x 47.3 mm x 22.1 mm (2.9 inches x 1.8 inches x 0.87 inches) Display size: 56 mm (2.2 inches) Weight: 62 g Battery: rechargeable via USB Battery life: 15 hours Water permeability: IPX7 (waterproof up to 1.52 m) Shock resistant: yes. Integrated bracket for front mounting Stem mount quick start Guide. A double-sided power meter developed exclusively by Giant that delivers accurate and stable performance data for everyone. Power meter with double-sided measurement based on the Shimano Ultegra R8000 crank. Integrated acceleration sensor makes external magnets / sensors unnecessary. Only 32 g extra weight. + -2% accuracy at 150 W / 80 revolutions. Display from 0 - 3000 watt power. Cadence range from 20 - 180 revolutions. Long run time of up to 100 hours.

Data transfer with Bluetooth Smart and Ant + to all common end devices. Crank length 172.5mm or 175mm. Chainring gradation 50/34 or 52/36.

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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance   Wahoo Elemnt Bolt & Giant Pro Powermeter Performance